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May 21, 2019
Local 81 Members Obituaries

Here we pay homage to our brothers and sisters who have passed away. If you are aware of a Local 81 member who has recently passed away and is not listed, please contact the Local Union office at (503) 251-2381 or contact the Administrator at and an announcement will be posted as soon as possible.

To the family and friends of Local 81 members who have recently passed away, we at Local 81 extend our deepest condolences.

January 2019 - April 2019

Charles M. Arn - NW Transport

Russell H. Eager - Silver Wheel Freightlines

Tom Edwards - ABF Freight

Cornelius A. Fontyn - Risberg

Gary J. Frazier - P.I.E.

Troy Gradwohl - YRC Freight

Robert R. Grammer - Market Transport

Frank R. Harms - Georgia-Pacific

Edwin Jory - ANR Freightlines

Thomas R. Kempf - P.I.E./I.M.L./NW Transport

Royal Kenner - Matlack

Elwood L. "Woody" Knouse - Consolidated Freightways

David C. Maxcy - Consolidated Freightways

Raymond W. Pfeifer - P.I.E.

Marvin Pitchford - Matlack

Ward W. Powell - Time DC

William "Bill" Snyder - NW Transport / Garrett Freightlines

Paul T. Werschkull - System 99

Gerald M. Wynn - Silver Eagle

June 2018 - December 2018

Carroll E. Arthur - PMT

Fabian Leo Bell - Delta

Rich Busse - Roadway Express

Raymond Caldwell - IML Freight

Richard E. Carner - Consolidated Freightways

Gordon Elmer - Silver Eagle

Paul A. Gordon - Roadway Express

Harlan B. Gentry - PMT

Russ Pye - Yellow Transportation

John G. Rucker - ABF Freight

Harley Varner - Risberg Truck Lines

George P. Williams - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Gary Wilson - Ross Island Sand & Gravel

December 2017 - May 2018

Finley R. Barney, Jr. - Silver Eagle

Glenn R. Brown - Georgia Pacific Corp.

Marvin G. Deegan - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Raymond W. Delker - Consolidated Freightways

Harold A. Donner - Garrett & ANR Freight Lines

Mike R. Jones - Yellow Freight

Kenneth R. Norton - Sun Transportation

Dennis L. Perry - UPS Freight

Frank M. Queirolo - K Lines

Gene Roark - ANR Freight Lines

Ralph E. Stuart - PIE

Robert E. Sweet - McCracken Motor Freight

Ernest L. Teeter - Yellow Transportation

June 2017 - November 2017

John E. "Jack" Agar - Boyd Coffee

Allan C. Aldrich - ANR Freight Lines 

La Verne H. Almsted - ANR Freight Lines

Craig A. Barkley - Ross Island Sand & Gravel

David L. Davalos - Yellow Transportation

Leslie L. Dye - Harbor Oil Company

Ellis R. Goucher - Tillamook Portland Freight Lines

Danny L. Huisman - Yellow Transportation

Gerald A. Jones - ANR Freight Lines

Robert A. Lambrecht - Delta

Samuel R. McFall - TNT United Truck Lines

John W. Noel - PIE

Tom O'Toole - Yellow Transportation

Robert Rix - ABF Freight

Delwyn L. "Del" Roberts - Risberg Truck Lines

Neil S. Rosenbaum - Roadway Express

Robert E. Shannon - Risberg Truck Lines

Raymond A. Staudt - Southern Pacific

Larry L. Wilson - Teamsters Local Union No. 81 (retired Secretary-Treasurer/Business Agent)

November 2016 - May 2017

Rich Allen - Daimler Trucks North America

James Benton - McCracken Motor Freight

Albert Debenedetti - PMT

Robert "Bob" N. Drake - PIE

Jerry L. Duncan - Yellow Freight

Durland Fisher - Daimler Trucks North America

Robert M.Galvin - Consolidated Freightways

Virginia Hamilton - ABF Freight System

Corey E. Harshaw - ABF Freight System

Robert W. Kates - Matlack

Carl L. Lora - PIE

Samuel "Sam" E. Mullen - Time DC

Melvin M. Oden - Market Transport

John H. Sargent, Jr. - Silver Eagle

John A. Smith - Garrett

Harold Tompkins - Southern Pacific Motor Trucking

Don C. Workman - Risberg

Lewis N. Whitmore - Roadway Express

Leonard E. Wood - Milne Truck Lines

Donald Wynand - NW Transport

Emil Yuckert - Arrow Transport

April - October 2016

James R. Alexander - NW Transport

Clyde C. Cobb - Arrow Transport

Larry V. Comella - NW Transport

LaDrue V. Cramer - Delta Lines

Harvey A. Darst III - YRC Freight

Thomas M. Fay - System 99

William R. Jones - Myers Container

Donald H. Kienle - Consolidated Freightways

Ira "Bud" Lemon - Delta Lines

Kenneth Long - Silver Eagle

Robert L. Machnik - ANR / Garrett Freight Lines

Charles W. "Bill" McDowell - PIE

Richard T. Olson - Yellow Transportation

Joe Panza - PIE

James Ray - Daimler Trucks North America

Charles Schuller - UPS Freight

Clyde Searles - PIE / Freightliner

Jesse Shay - PIE

Clyde M. Thomas - IML Freight

Ralph A. Wryn - Garret Freight Lines / Consolidated Freightways

December 2015 - March 2016

Emmet F. Alberts, Sr. - Berry Transport

Marion Neal Borthwick - Georgia Pacific

Frank Norval Carling - Garrett Freight Lines / ANR

Kenneth Paul Dahl - Consolidated Freightways & Yellow Trucking

Dennis L. Dwyer - Yellow Freight

Roland L. "Bud" Finn - Silver Eagle

Darrell L. Fransen - Consolidated Freightways

Martin "Marty" L. Haverland - Yellow Transportation

Wallace L. Houser - NW Transport

Theodore Jackson - Garrett Freight Lines

Jerry Krajeski - PIE

Scott "Scotty" Lougher - Yellow Freight

Arner A. Madsen - Delta Lines

Victor T. Mattson - Lanier Brugh Corporation

Forest E. Newbrey - Yellow Freight

Samuel Nicholson - Arrow Transportation

Jack E. O'Rourke - Arrow Transporation

Raymond C. Pietrzyk - Yellow Transportation

Larry Donn Richardson - YRC

Ralph W. Stephenson - Sites Silver Wheel Trucking

Donald James Turkington - Consolidated Freightways

Charles R. Williams - Georgia Pacific

June 2015 - November 2015

John A. Biornstad - Silver Wheel Freightlines

Paul A. Bittler - Georgia Pacific Trucking

Charles K. Brake - Matlack

Lewis C. Castro - Matlack

Burton Myers Connel - Silver Eagle

Walter Dobrinen - Exley Express, Inc.

Edward K. Folck - Risberg Truck Lines

John "Johnny" J. Frederick, Jr. - Georgia Pacific Trucking

David A. Fuller - Consolidated Freightways

Eldon "Lee" Henson - ABF Freight Systems

Ray B. Hollenbeck, Sr. - Milne Truck Lines

Charles E. Leffler - Farney Truck Services

Ronald G. Montgomery - Lee & Eastes Tank Lines

Louell Motley - Consolidated Freightways

Merl Lee Randleman - Silver Eagle

Ernie R. Richtmyre - Arrow Transportation

Wendell A. Russell - System 99

Ronald D. Schroeder - McCracken Motor Freight

Ray Shoemaker - Georgia Pacific Trucking

Robert C. Webb - Freightliner

Jerry York - Exley Express, Inc.

January 2015 - May 2015

Harry Frances Allain, Sr. - Delta

Richard Lee "Rick" Archer - Yellow Transportation

Donald Boyle - Delta

William G. Haraldsen - ANR Freight Lines

Charles C. "Chuck" Hendricks - Southern Pacific Motor Trucking

Forrest J. Horton - Consolidated Freightways

Loren G. Ingram - Yellow Transportation

Robert B. Nicholson - ABF Freight

Gregory M. Parker - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Robert E. Ray - PIE

Larry Shultz - Silver Eagle & Consolidated Freightways

Anthony "Tony" P. Silbernagel - Yellow Freight

Wallace B. Welch - Consolidated Freightways

Clifford "Jack" R. Wilen - Puget Sound Truck Lines

Richard E. Wonderly - Silver Wheel Freight Lines

June - December 2014

Virgil P. Adkins, Sr. - Consolidated Freightways

Lee A. Austin - Consolidated Freightways

Thomas H. Bestwick - Consolidated Freightways

Myron G. Bullard - Risberg Truck Lines

Dale Campbell - Eastern Oregon, Garrett & ANR Freight Lines

Phil H. Gurule - Arrow Transportation

Alan L. Hartley - ANR Freight Lines

Howard Hunt - ANR Freight Lines

Michael Johnson - Roadway Express

Kevin Kosta - YRC Freight

Daniel L. Lueck - Roadway Express

Thomas R. McNeal - NW Transport

Loyde C. Montgomery - Matlack

Gerald N. Pepper - PIE

Ralph Perry - Berry Transport

Rich J. Peterson - Consolidated Freightways

Albert C. Price - McCracken Motor Freight

James M. Schulz - Consolidated Freightways

Jerome Strobel - K-Lines

Robert "Bobby" Trump - Yellow Transportation

Norman J. Underwood - ABF Freight System

Willie Ward - Myers Container

February - May 2014

Dale Catto - Coast, Roy Wright, Fairchild General Freights & Boyd's

Mike D. Cowan - ONC & Roadway

Lowell R. "Buck" Devine - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Donald Lee Fagan, Jr. - IML

Arthur L. Hall - Systems 99

Keith E. Huntley - BN Transport

Dan Keeney - YRC

Albert J. Kotz - S & M Truck Lines

Forrest N. Lewis - IML

Mike Manning - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Charles L. Mcadams - Matlack

John "Mike" Sauer - Consolidated Freightways

Robert J. Wood - ANR Freightlines & Garrett

James R. Worlton - Georgia-Pacific

September 2013 - January 2014

LaVern Barmore - PIE

Robert Demarest - Time DC

John Gertscher - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

James E. Gregory - PIE

E. Boyd Hartman - Silver Eagle Co.

Roy Holbrook - PIE

Larry G. Rainey - Freightliner

Gilbert R. Siler - Arrow Transportation

George B. Thacker - Roadway Express

Robert J. Wood - ANR Freightlines / Garrett

March - August 2013

Brian Abbott - YRC

Robert Perry Ballard - Yellow Tranportation

Milton Dean Borgardt - NW Transport

Steven E. Bryan - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Richard D. Cairns - Southern Pacific Motor

Hubert Davis - Southern Pacific Motor

G. Scott Funke - YRC Freight

Gordon Arthur Hook - Consolidated Freightways

Norman A. Johnson - Roadway Express & Time DC

Steve "Swede" Kruze - Yellow Freight System

David H. Lambert - Yellow Transportation

Roy J. Lewis - Silver Eagle

John F. Lloyd - Delta

Robert Lewis Logsdon - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Carl L. Looney - Consolidated Freightways

Martin C. Lusk - ONC Truck Lines

Dean G. Oberman - ANR Freightlines & Garrett Freightlines

Raleigh M. Pfaff - Consolidated Freightways

Buddy Lee Schenk - Yellow Transport

William Shirley - McCracken Motor Freight

Ronald "RJ" Simms - Roadway Express

Glenn E. Smith - Matlack

Alex Roe Tallmadge - Widing & Arrow Transportation

John C. Thoensen - Risberg Truck Lines

Richard Todd - Tillamook Portland Freight Lines

James R. Watts - Yellow Transportation

Raymond Lyle Wynn - Fourier Truck

December 2012 - February 2013

Brent C. Dart - Yellow Freight

Timothy M. Deardorff - Ross Island Sand & Gravel

John A. Kegley - PIE

Oscar Arthur Kennard - Delta

David A. Miller - YRC

Ralph Raymond Palmer - NW Transport

Rodney Leroy "Roy" Poland - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Harrison William "Harry" Porter - Delta

Roy Potter - Consolidated Freightways

Robert "Bob" Proefrock - ABF Freight System

Thomas A. Robertson

George Allen Schneider - Consolidated Freightways

Foster Scholl - Consolidated Freightways, Transwestern & System 99

Wally Smith, Sr. - Roadway Express

Harry A. Thomas - Consolidated Freightways

George Tingley - Yellow Freight

September - November 2012

Maurice C. Albin - Milne Truck Lines

Jack Alexander - Former Business Agent and Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 81

Shirley "Amos" Christie - System 99

Alain DeCarne - Silver Eagle & System 99

LaVerne Albert Granlund - Garrett Freight Lines

Teddy Gryder - Lee & Eastes Tank Lines

Gerald T. Heim - Delta Lines

George D. Johnston - Consolidated Freightways

Raymond J. Joachim - K-Lines

Larry "Moonshine" Larson - Silver Eagle, Silver Wheel & United Buckingham

Charles L. McHenry - Silver Eagle

James C. Morgan - Arrow Transportation

Laurence "Larry" Raymond - ANR Freight System

Macey Reed Russell - K-Lines

Ramo Sanvitale - Garrett Freight Lines

James E. Sharp - Georgia-Pacific Corp.

Kenneth Yates - West Coast Fast Freight, PIE and Yellow Freight

Robert E. Yates - Yellow Transportation

April 2012 - July/August 2012

Frank W. Beseda - McCracken Motor Freight

Winthrop H. Blackwell - Southern Pacific

Larry D. Crompton - Delta Freight Lines

Monty Henry - Tillamook Portland Freight Lines

Johnny "Gomer" Laubach - Silver Eagle

James D. Madison - Consolidated Freightways

Dan C. Mastroieni - Pacific Motor Trucking

Douglas Brown McCall - Consolidated Freightways

Roy D. Mcmahan - Consolidated Freightways

Clayton A. Muhs - Lanier Brugh Corporation

James G. Phillips - Yellow Transportation

Wesley V. Rogers - Matlack

Alvin R. Sweitz - Tillamook Portland Freight Lines

Donald Williams - Consolidated Freightways

December 2011 - March 2012

Eldon Allen - Consolidated Freightways & Local 81 Business Rep.

John Bell - Yellow Transportation

Larry "Bruno" Bridges - Silver Eagle & Local 81 Business Rep.

Wallace "Wally" Delker - Consolidated Freightways

Terry C. Hall - Lee & Eastes Tank Lines

Marlowe Pattee - ABF Freight System

Carl Robinson - Yellow Transportation

Joseph "Joe" Spaulding - Roadway Express

Wayne E. Spray - Delta

Gilbert Young - Risberg Truck Lines

September - November 2011

Charles Atkinson - Container Management Services

Steve E. Borisch - McClain

Claude Derr - McCracken Motor Freight

William H. Fleming - Arrow Transportation

Charles Gregory - Consolidated Freightways

Thomas Hartvedt - Time DC

Ivan L. Kaufman - ANR Freightlines

Russell Lewis - Trans Western

Wesley K. Morris, Sr. - Consolidated Freightways

Jack A. Rahier - McCracken Motor Freight

May 2011 - August 2011

Robert Bailey, Jr. - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Robert J. Cahill - Transcon Lines

Mark Allen Erickson - Matlack

Darold L. Lydy - Arrow Transportation

Larry D. Richardson - Yellow Transportation

Charles Schiebel - System 99

Vernon Lamber St. John - PIE

February 2011 - April 2011

John J. Brown - Time DC

Kenneth "Kenny" E. Cobb - Consolidated Freightways | Yellow Freight

Michael D. Cochran - Lee & Eastes Tank Lines

William D. Cottle - ANR | Silver Wheel | Garrett

Robert "Bob" C. DeCelio - Container Management Services

Larry Langston - Delta | Willig | Roadway Express

Kenneth L. Meyer - TNT United Truck Lines

William F. Sanders - PIE Trucking Co.

Bill Shatava - Converse Trucking | Ringsby | Moore Business Forms | Teamsters Local 81

John R. Van Metre - Roadway Express

December 2010 - January 2011

Tim Anderson - Roadway Express, Inc.

John Belcher - Consolidated Freightways

Steven E. Bryan - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Rex W. Flatt - Container Management Services (Meyer Steel Drum, Inc.)

Rickey Keller - Lanier Brugh Corporation

George Noble - YRC, Inc.

Ernest F. Taylor - Mitchell Bros.; Garrett; ANR

September - November 2010

Rich Hergert - System 99 & Roadway Express, Inc.

Gerald William Kinney - Garrett Freightlines

Donald L. Moore - PIE

James "Ozzie' Ostrom - Yellow Transportation

Norman Spiering - Consolidiated Freightways

Tim Sullivan - Roadway Express, Inc.

William E. Wood - Georgia-Pacific Corp.

August 2010

James "Jim" Bredesen - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Olav Marvin Nordby - Consolidated Freightways

Tim Williams - Ross Island Sand & Gravel

June - July 2010

Robert "Bob" Adams - NW Transport

Donald C. Chamberlain - ANR Freightlines

Harry M. Saulser - Silver Wheel & Teamsters Local Union No. 81 Business Agent

Glenn E. Shipman - Consolidated Freightways

Thomas "Tom" Swanson - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Robert Yonkers - Silver Eagle Co.

February - May 2010

Michael Beyea - Consolidated Freightways & Yellow Transportation

David V. Crawford - Garrett Freightlines

LaMonte "Monte" Dover - Consolidated Freightways

Merle Herr - Consolidated Freightways

Hubert Johnson - Pacific Motor Trucking (PMT)

Otis Jones - ABF Freight System

Ron Klinski - Yellow Transportation

Albert Smith - Consolidated Freightways

January 2010

Kate Crinkley - YRC, Inc.

Irvin D. Kramer - Garrett Freightlines

Ed Thommen - ONC Trucking

December 2009

Robert McDonald Sr. - Silver Wheel Freightlines

N. Darrell "Mac" McManus - Silver Eagle Trucking

Robert Stevenson - Yellow Transportation

October/November 2009

Michael "Mike" W. Prim - YRC, Inc.

June - September 2009 Announcements

William "Bill" Nelson   -   ABF Freight System

Wilson A. Riggs   -   Cenex

Arthur B. Sorenson Jr.   -   NW Transport

March/April/May 2009 Announcements

John Fuller - ONC

February 2009 Announcements

Kenneth M. Ketel (1/12/09) - System 99

Ron McIntyre - System 99

Paul Roberts - Delta

Douglas "Scott" Sager (1/24/09) - Roadway Express, Inc.

January 2009 Announcements

Arthur Taylor (12/8/08)                                Pacific Motor

November Announcements-

Wallace F. Ingebrand (10/14/08)                      Risberg Truck Lines

Daniel Multer (10/4/08)                                   Silver Eagle

Jack Peterson (11/3/08)                                 Consolidated Freightways & Local 81 Trustee

July-August-September-October Announcements-

James Wallace Reid (9/14/08)                             Silver Eagle

May-June Announcements-

George C. McMerrick                                          ABF Freight System

George Morey, Jr                                                Consolidated Freightways

April-May Announcements-

Frank Fellow                                5/7/08               Ringsby

Elwood A. "Woody" Nestor            4/6/08               Arrow Transportation

Marvin Wood                                5/4/08               CF

March-April Announcements-

Harry Lee Pickett - Myers Container

Raymond H. Small - Lanier Brugh

February-March Announcements-

Earl R. DeLong (2/4/08) – Myers Container

Wilfred M. Fettig (12/16/07) – Garrett Freight Lines

Kenneth A. Hardin (1/17/08) – Pierce Trucking & Delta Freightlines

Lee O. Hardaway (12/21/07) – Silver Eagle Trucking

Kermit Everett King (2/14/08) – Arrow Transportation

Fred Lambert (2/8/08) – Silver Eagle

Peter James Markunas (2/17/08) – McLean Trucking

Terry Phillips (1/11/08) – Ross Island Sand & Gravel

Eugene R. Reid (2/2/08) – ICX Truck Lines & Milne Truck Lines

Robert J. Walters (2/13/08) – Coast Transport


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