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May 21, 2019
Retirement Announcements

This is the page announcing Local 81 members who have made it to retirement. If you are or know of someone who has recently retired and is not listed, please contact the Local Union office at (503) 251-2381 or contact the Administrator at

To those of you who have made it to your retirement, congragulations on behalf of the officers and staff of Teamsters Local 81!

January 2019 - April 2019

Brian Capelle - ABF Freight

May 2018 - December 2018

Ken Aho - ABF Freight

Bryon Akins - ABF Freight

Joe Gallagher - ABF Freight

Mike James - YRC Freight

James Marks - YRC Freight

Richard Tappan - UPS Freight

December 2017 - April 2018

Ron Anderson - ABF Freight 

Geronimo "Gerry" Jaramillo - ABF Freight 

Eugene "Gene" Metzger, Jr. - YRC Freight

Cory Sayres - YRC Freight

William "Bill" Sneathen - YRC Freight

Paul Stoner - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Harold Thomas - Lanier Brugh Corporation

Mark Ziglinski - Daimler Trucks North America

Mile Zupan - YRC Freight

June 2017 - November 2017

Patrick Campbell - UPS Freight

Scott Campbell - ABF Freight 

Steven Clemo - ABF Freight 

Arnold Hughes - ABF Freight 

Rick Knox - ABF Freight 

Roger Kreighbaum II - ABF Freight

Robert Kuppler - YRC Freight

Mark Linimon - ABF Freight

Tony Metson - YRC Freight

Kevin Tinner - ABF Freight

Daniel Volk - Lee & Eastes Tank Lines

James "Scottie" Wright - ABF Freight

November 2016 - May 2017

Corbin Kimble - YRC

Laura Lively - ABF Freight System

Tim Newville - Daimler Trucks North America

James Saint - UPS Freight

April - October 2016

Gene Blane - YRC Freight

Troy Gradwohl - YRC Freight

David Martin - YRC Freight

Douglas McClimans - Lanier Brugh Corp.

Walter McRobert - YRC Freight

George Mosher - YRC Freight

Mark Nelson - YRC Freight

Jack Sherwood - Daimler Trucks North America

Lance Vogel - TP Freight Lines

December 2015 - March 2016

Ken Glover - Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Antonio Gomez - YRC

Glenn Kern - YRC

Roger Lang - Tillamook Portland (TP) Freight Lines

Monty Webster - YRC

June 2015 - November 2015

ABF Freight System - Steven Young

Daimler Trucks North America - Richard Hodge and Preston Leavitt

Oak Harbor Freight Lines - Glenn Gilbert and Robert Schuster

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Tim Snell

YRC Freight - Brian Belt and Dennis Pommerening

January 2015 - May 2015

Daimler Trucks North America - James Stiles

Lakeside Hauling, Inc. - Dwane Goodell

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Thomas Moore

UPS Freight - Cliff Gudgel & Gary Scroggins

YRC Freight - Michael Davis, David Hines, Larry Juden & Mike Puckett

June - December 2014

ABF Freight System - Jesse W. Ballard, Jr. & Larry Mitchell

Lanier Brugh Corporation - Michael Britton

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Kevin Pierce & Steve Walls

YRC Freight - Niles Brady, Debra Johnson, Jovan Marsh & Keith Rink

February - May 2014

ABF Freight System - George Mikesell

YRC Freight - Stephen Conover & Tim Ordal

September 2013 - January 2014

ABF Freight System - Jay Matteson

Daimler Trucks North America - David Bishop

YRC Freight - James Purdy

April - August 2013

ABF Freight System - Don Cooper, Corey Harshaw, Richard Hepler, Thomas Jones, Chris Lohmeier, John Rosander, Era Salzman and Ken Shadley

Daimler Trucks North America - Rusty Gregory

Lanier Brugh - James Kellogg

Oak Harbor Freight Lines - Mike Schoen

Ross Island Sand & Gravel - Kenenth Kennedy

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - William Henry

YRC Freight - Steve Odle

September 2012 - March 2013

ABF Freight System - William Gorham & Dan Heer

Daimler Trucks North America - David Klinski

Lanier Brugh Corporation - Stephen Johnson

Oak Harbor Freight Lines - Edward Carlson

Ross Island Sand & Gravel - George Kaylor & Lanny Marshall

YRC Freight - James Ellis & Don Lingle

April 2012 - July/August 2012

ABF Freight System - Richard Chytka, Jr.

Lee & Eastes Tank Lines - Emmett Hayes

Ross Island Sand & Gravel - Thomas Kuenzel

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Brian Tweten

December 2011 - March 2012

YRC, Inc. - Carl Carlson & Mike Jones

October/November 2011

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Everett Griffin

May 2011 - August/September 2011

ABF Freight System - Ken Decker, Gordon Grey & Bill Hedrick

Daimler Trucks North America (Freightliner) - James Wood

Lanier Brugh Corporation - Greg Daciuk

Oak Harbor Freight Lines - Harry Jackson

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Ron Esping

UPS Freight - Robert Rogers, Jr.

YRC, Inc. - Vernell Johnson & Charles Lind

February 2011 - April 2011

ABF Freight System - Ronald Dormaier

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Robert Call

YRC, Inc. - Darrell Worster

December 2010 - January 2011

YRC, Inc. - Roy Rosaaen & Allen Sickles

September - November 2010

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Doug Leisy

YRC, Inc. - Frank Hendricks, Joe Novak, Genie Powell & Greg Teseniar

August 2010

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Bob Byrne

YRC, Inc. - Mike Bankston, Steve Hill & Ron Romkee

June - July 2010

ABF Freight System - John Nickell & Robert Rix

YRC, Inc.  - Don Gould

February-May 2010

ABF Freight System - Robert Barton

Tillamook Portland Freight Lines - Monty Henry

YRC, Inc. - Robert Crosson, Richard Gonzales, Erol Hokanson, John Madden, Michael McCaffrey, Sherry Price, W. Allen Russell and Kelly Wilson

January 2010

YRC, Inc. - Tom Denman, John Green, John Miller and Phillip Morris

December 2009

Katie Davis - YRC, Inc.

John Saftich - YRC, Inc.

George Wilhelm - YRC, Inc.

October/November 2009

Container Management Services -     Rex Flatt

YRC -     Velan Call, R. Mike Chandler, Robert Clendenning, Daryl Day, Richard Denney, Richard DeWolf, Dan Keeney, Larry Maddox, Rick Shoemaker and John Sindelar  

June/July/August/September 2009

Oak Harbor Freight Lines   -   Kent Bjorklund

UPS Freight   -   Donald Grant

YRC   -   Michael Alexander, Leslie Cansler, Steven Christenson, Earl Elias, Mike Ferguson, Margaret Foote, Robert Graham, Thomas Gratreak, John Haralson, Dennis Hickey, Brian Hulst, Bill Malloy, Ty Matsumoto, David H. Miller, Paul Mitschele, Mike Prim, Wally Reynolds, Lynn Springer, John Stolmeier, Trent Sullivan and George Webb

April/May 2009 Retirements

ABF - Steve Haviland & Ken Kavanagh

Container Management Services - Thomas Wright

YRC, Inc.  - Norman Allman, David Anderson, Dave Cooper, James Core, Charles Hamilton, Eugene Hatcher, Ted Hodges, Jeff Klobes, Jeff Marshall, Dennis Schneider and Larry Wilson        

March 2009 Retirements

William Campbell            Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Larry Dumas                   Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Dave Kirby                     Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Rodney Robb                  Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Criss Cartmill                   Roadway Express, Inc.

James Horstman              Yellow Transportation

January 2009 Retirements

Curtis Fleischman            TP Freight Lines

Kirk Hochhalter               Roadway Express, Inc.

November Retirements-

Timothy Sullivan               Roadway Express, Inc.

September-October Retirements-

Kenneth Hogue                Oak Harbor Freight Lines

Tim Pursell                      Oak Harbor Freight Lines
James Aikens                  Yellow Freight
Bill Stanley                      Yellow Freight

June-September Retirements-

Norris Sullivan                  Freightliner, LLC

William Roberts              Container Management Services

Ed Calhoun                     Yellow Transportation
David Koch                      Yellow Transportation
April-June Retirements-

John Farris-                     Roadway Express, Inc.

Robert Wilson, Jr.-           Roadway Express

Roger Lenz-                    Yellow Freight

Mike Thomas-                 Yellow Freight

Gary Burgstahler-            Yellow Freight

March-April Retirements-

Warren Haley-                Roadway Express

Jeff McRae-                    ABF Freight

Steven Pardue-               ABF Freight

Michael Waine-              ABF Freight

John Raanes-                 Roadway Express

Ron Schulte-                  Roadway Express

February-March Retirements-

Alan Artero –                  ABF Freight

Emerson Tiedeman –       Freightliner

Norman Brusseau –         OHFL

Jim Ingraham –                OHFL

Robert Lee –                    OHFL

Paul Geiger –                   Roadway

Daniel Luchs –                 Roadway

Dave Sowell –                  Roadway


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